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School of Radiology 2016-2017 Graduates

Mission Statement

"To provide a sound education that will enable our students to become competent entry level Radiologic Technologist by establishing critical thinking skills, instituting high professional and patient care standards and to instill pride in being a part of the field of Radiography."

Our Goals

Fulfillment of the program's mission is determined by the ability of the program to achieve the following set goals:

Goal: To produce Radiologic Technologists who hold entry-level clinical skills for employment.




Goal: To produce Radiologic Technologists who can demonstrate critical thinking skills, allowing them to meet the patients' needs in the clinical setting.





Goal: The program will graduate students that demonstrate professional and ethical values for life long learning.





Goal: To produce Radiologic Technologists who have excellent communication skills.





Goal: To monitor overall program effectiveness to ensure we are meeting the needs of the students.









The UMPC Chautauqua WCA School of Radiology first began in 1967, under the founding direction of William Burger, RT (R), Technical Director of UMPC Chautauqua WCA Radiology. At the time, UMPC Chautauqua WCA recognized a need in the community to fill a healthcare hole. That need turned into a desire to educate qualified community members to serve Chautauqua County and the surrounding area with well qualified, compassionate and dedicated Radiologic Technologists. Their vision and high standards have been maintained and continue to produce well-qualified individuals that pass through the program. The Program has consistently maintained accreditation by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology and is recognized by the New York State Department of Health.

The Institution

UMPC Chautauqua WCA is a voluntary, private nonprofit hospital founded in 1885. It is a regional medical center serving Southwestern New York and portions of Northwest Pennsylvania. UMPC Chautauqua WCA has 300 beds with services for medical, surgical pediatric, maternity, emergency and neurological and orthopedic patients. There also exist specialty areas for trauma care, intensive and coronary care, palliative care, renal dialysis, endoscopy, respiratory care, alcohol rehabilitation, psychiatric care, cancer treatment, medical rehabilitation, occupational and physical therapy, sports medicine, wellness program and Family Health Center (Primary Care).

The Community

The City of Jamestown (population approximately 35, 000) is geographically located in Western New York State in the southern part of Chautauqua County. It is approximately one hour and a half-driving distance directly south of Buffalo, New York and approximately on hour northeast of Erie, Pennsylvania.

The area proudly boasts of beautiful country side and landscapes and is know as an all-seasonal resort area offering a variety of year round activities at nearby ski resorts, state parks and lakes. A well know, turn of the century cultural development, the Chautauqua Institution, is located on the shore of nearby Chautauqua Lake offering education, cultural and entertainment opportunities to both area residents and vacationers.

Post secondary and graduate work can be pursued within commuting distance at nearby colleges and universities.

Unique for its size, Jamestown offers many of the advantages of larger cities while maintaining the charm of a small community.