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Congratulations Julie M. Acklin, R.N., Administrative Nurse
June 2014 HCAHPS/Employee Of The Month

Serving families in the last moments of their loved one death’s is rarely publicized, but our May HCAHPS/Employee of the Month, Julie Acklin, R.N., Administrative Nurse, was recognized for her unassuming, but strong, empathic qualities when a family faced the loss of their loved one at WCA Hospital. 

“Our dearest Uncle passed away suddenly and if not for the gentle, caring, and sympathetic nature of Julie Acklin, our Uncle’s sudden passing would have been an even more difficult experience for our entire family,”   said the family member who did not want to let Julie’s excellent work go unrecognized.  “Dealing with an unexpected death can be incomprehensible for everyone involved including the healthcare givers, but Julie and the excellent doctors and nurses and hospitality staff at your Emergency Department combined professionalism and skill with true warmth and empathy.” 

Emelia Lindquist, R.N., Emergency Department Nurse Manager, says Julie is an excellent nurse and leader who always puts patients’ needs first.  “No matter what we ask of her, Julie always focuses on working together to make sure our patients and their families are well cared for.  She believes that every patient should be treated just as she would like her own family to be treated.”

A member of the WCA Family since June of 1993, Julie also worked in our Maternity Care Center for a number of years.  “While there is great sadness in realizing that your loved one is going to pass,” said Linda, who nominated Julie, “there is great comfort in knowing that there are very special people at WCA.  WCA is blessed to have Julie caring for your patients.”   Thank you, Julie, for living our Mission!

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