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Congratulations Brenda Olson, R.N.
July 2014 HCAHPS/Employee Of The Month

Some people refer to a nurse as a guardian angel—specially selected to comfort, guard and protect the needs of those who are sick. Our July HCAHPS/Employee of the Month, Brenda Olson, R.N., Special Care Unit, is just that special nurse. A hand written thank-you note sent to WCA from a family member avowed, “Jon passed away peacefully at your hospital. If not for the compassionate nature of our nurse caring for Jon, it would have been a much more difficult circumstance to handle. Brenda’s calm demeanor, outstanding professionalism, and genuine compassion toward our family frankly eased this very sad time for all of us. She was a true angel!”

Maureen Kohl, R.N., Special Care Nurse Manager, said that Brenda’s years as a nurse have been a wonderful opportunity for her as well as the hospital. “Brenda is a very important member of our Special Care Unit,” Maureen said. “Her expertise, patient advocacy, kindness, and real compassion toward our patients and family members make Brenda a nurse’s nurse. She is an outstanding mentor and friend and is surely deserving of this distinguished honor.”

The belief is that guardian angels are assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group. Thank you, Brenda for protecting and watching over our patients and family members when they need our kindheartedness the most.

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