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Employee of the month

Dianne Courtney-Freeman, RT (R) (M), Senior Radiologic Technologist/Mammography

Congratulations to Dianne Courtney-Freeman, RT (R) (M) Senior Radiologic Technologist/Mammography, honored as our March Employee of the Month. 

Recognized for the excellent care she takes in performing her job, a patient remarked that her test was quick, painless, and not at all uncomfortable.  “I schedule my mammogram every year and have never had less than exceptional service at WCA,” the patient noted.  “I would urge any woman who may be hesitant about having a mammogram not to be.  The superb care and service I received, especially from Dianne, really put me at ease and I didn’t experience any discomfort or anxiety during the entire procedure.”

Tammara Hodges, Director of Imaging Services, said Dianne is the perfect role model for the distinguished HCAHPS/Employee of the Month award.  “I cannot be more thankful that Dianne works on our team,” Tammara remarked.  “A very consistent and conscientious worker, she makes a difference in someone’s life every day.  Dianne is an excellent example of population health management—promoting wellness through prevention.

A quiet, responsible leader of the organization since August of 1980, she builds trust with her patients over a lifetime.    Thank you, Dianne, for being a great example for all of us to follow!

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