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Congratulations Lisa Webster & Mandy Davis
November 2014 HCAHPS/Employees Of The Month

Big congratulations are in order for November HCAHPS Employee of the Month.  This month, we have the distinct honor of recognizing two November HCAHPS Employees of the Month, Lisa Webster, Senior Radiologic Technologist/Control Area; and Mandy Davis, Radiologic Informatics Technologist. 

Lisa and Mandy play an important role in coordinating and implementing the Soarian Clinical System for our Radiology Department. “Lisa and Mandy are always smiling and truly enjoy their jobs,” said Jennifer who nominated the radiology staff members.  “They take the time to learn the clinicals system thoroughly—much of it on their own time. They are always willing to help no matter how busy they are and make you feel that you are always the priority of the day.  They make it a priority to comprehend what they have learned so they can teach and assist other staff effortlessly.  Additionally, they are very dedicated to making sure that everything and every system is working well together. 

Whenever there is a concern or problem, I never worry.  I know that Mandy and Lisa will find the cause and resolve it as soon as possible.  Most importantly, they are mentors to others.  We are very lucky to have such great employees!”

Tammara L.C. Hodges, Director of Imaging Services reiterates that Lisa and Mandy are great role models.  “Lisa and Mandy strive to perform through excellence,” says Tammara LC Hodges, WCA Director of Imaging Services.  “They are exceptional role models who possess character-driven  qualities and, therefore, consistently perform and exceed our expectations.  Through self-discipline and dedication, they have developed the essence of TEAM.  I am so pleased that both were recognized for their combined outstanding achievements.”

Thank you Lisa and Mandy for being shining examples of Super Stars!

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