Endoscopy Care

Endoscopy Care

WCA Hospital is proud to provide Endoscopy Services in its new 5,000-square-foot ultra-modern Endoscopy Suite located at the Riverwalk Center, 15 South Main Street, Jamestown, New York, in close proximity to WCA Hospital.  Patients will experience the convenience of advanced Endoscopy services in a new, contemporary medical outpatient environment.  The Suite boasts advanced technology and services, staffed by a team of highly skilled and experienced physicians, nurses, and technical and support professionals.

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What is Endoscopy?
Endoscopy is a broad term used to describe the examination of the body using a lighted flexible instrument called an Endoscope. The most common procedures allow the physician to examine the Esophagus (swallowing tube), stomach and portions of the colon (large intestine) to evaluate and detect problems.

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The WCA Hospital Endoscopy Suite performs many advanced procedures including:

The patient should expect to spend approximately three hours at the Endoscopy Suite. The preparation for these procedures will be explained by physicians and nursing staff.  The physicians are highly credentialed specialists working in tandem with an outstanding nursing and technical and support professionals who have a special interest in providing exceptional care for the patient.

Why Choose Us?

To Pre-register for a procedure at the WCA Hospital Endoscopy Suite, call (716) 664-8149, or, after 2 p.m. (716) 664-8440.  

The Day of the Procedure
The WCA Hospital Endoscopy Suite at Riverwalk Center opens at 6:00 a.m. Monday-Friday. Most patients are asked to arrive one hour and 30 minutes before the scheduled procedure time. The patient should bring a list of any medications they are currently taking.

WCA HospitalFamily Members
Family members are welcome to wait for the patient in the designated patient room near the centralized nurses station. A warm, inviting registration and visitor area awaits the patient and their guests.  A large centralized nursing station inside the Endoscopy Suite is within a few steps of the patient.
After the Patient Returns Home
The patient should follow their doctor's instructions concerning medication and diet. A short instruction sheet will be sent home with the patient outlining things to watch for and any special instructions. If the patient has any problems, they should contact their physician.

WCA HospitalParking Instructions
Parking is free at the Riverwalk Center, 15 South Main Street, Jamestown, New York.  Park in the parking lot, once inside the Center, follow the signs to the WCA Endoscopy Suite, and please check-in with the Receptionist.

Contact Us
The WCA Hospital Endoscopy Suite is pleased to serve you. For questions or more information about Endoscopy, please call (716) 664-8149.

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