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Congratulations Rosemary Billquist
September 2011 HCAHPS/Employee of the Month

Always, always, always, is a phrase used frequently when nominating Rosemary Billquist, H.I.M. Specialist, September’s HCAHPS Employee of the Month.

“Rosemary always helps patients in the halls,” says one staff member. “She always asks patients and family members if they need assistance. She is always looking out for our patients’ needs.” Possessing compassionate employee communication skills is a distinctive way Rosemary creates a great patient experience. “Rosemary stopped to talk to an elderly gentleman sitting in a wheelchair one day,” stated a hospital supervisor who has observed her kind manner on more than one occasion. “Asking if he needed assistance, she escorted him to the appropriate hospital department.”

“In my opinion, Rosemary is one of the nicest, most caring individuals in the world,” said Dianne French, Director of H.I.M. “Every day, she goes out of her way to assist patients, visitors, and coworkers with a positive, cheerful, up-beat attitude. She is awesome and we are blessed to work alongside her.”

This month, we congratulate Rosemary who always, always, always goes above and beyond her work duties to ensure the highest possible care for our patients!


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