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Congratulations Jeffrey Armentrout
October 2010 HCAHPS Employee of the Month

For the past 17 years, Jeffrey Armentrout, Orderly, has tended to the needs of our patients with a comforting smile and helpful attitude that has been recognized by patients and co-workers many times during his tenure.

We salute Jeff as our October HCAHPS Employee of the Month for the job he does with various departments throughout the hospital, exceeding staff and patient expectations on a regular basis.

“We couldn’t have done our job without Jeff,” stated the nurses in the Ambulatory Surgery Center. “He assisted us with a very combative patient, staying with us until the patient was calm and comfortable.”

Fellow workers also praised Jeff for the way he assists staff and transports patients to and from the various areas of the hospital. Staff especially pointed out that Jeff really cares about his patients by displaying courtesy, respect, empathy, and dignity to others.

Thank your Jeff for your efforts on behalf of our patients and staff. Congratulations for being recognized by your peers!

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