Why Choose WCA Hospital
Medical Laboratory Science Program?

The WCA Hospital Medical Laboratory Science Program and the WCA Hospital Laboratory are committed to student learning and the promotion of excellence in the profession. Graduates of our program are highly successful individuals, many of whom remain in the hospital laboratory environment serving patients and directly applying their internship program-learned skills and knowledge. Some of our graduates have continued on to diverse careers as physicians, physician assistants, laboratory instrumentation technical representatives, computer laboratory information system analysts, educators and more. The solid academic- and personal-excellence foundation provided by our program has a proven record of producing successful individuals.

History of the Program

The WCA Hospital Medical Laboratory Science Program held its first class in the fall of 1979 under the founding direction of Mary Kathryn C. Kutschke, M.A., M.T.(ASCP), Program Director and Donald J. Furman, M.D., Program Medical Director. The development of a program stemmed from the desire to train quality professionals and continues today, upholding those standards of excellence.

Graduation and Placement Rates

Our program takes the success of its students seriously, making sure we bring highly capable individuals into our program and providing them with quality education and practical experience. Our continued success can be measured in registry exam pass rates, graduation rates, attrition rates and employment/position placement rates. These outcome measures are carefully monitored by the Program Director; following, are three (3) years of recent program year statistics.

Registry Pass Rate:  Our program experiences excellent pass rates for the national registry examination (ASCP-BOC exam).  The average test score of graduates of our program routinely exceeds the national average.

Graduation Rates:  Our program’s historical completion rate is greater than 99%. 
2010-2011:   88% (7/8)
2011-2012: 100%
2012-2013: 100%

Attrition Rates:  Our program’s historical attrition rate is less than 1%.
2010-2011:  13% (1/8)
2011-2012:    0%
2012-2013:    0%

Employment/Position Placement Rates (graduates seeking employment in a laboratory-related field and employed within 6 months of graduation):
The vast majority of our students interview and are offered employment positions prior to and in anticipation of completing the program year:
2010-2011: 100%
2011-2012: 100%
2012-2013: 100%

Employer Testimonies (1-year post graduation):

"[Your graduate] has the technologic skill and performance of a 5 year tech. She is actually one of my strongest techs, not only in performance, but understanding. I find that she is one of the most willing to take on projects, to learn, and to move forward with all issues, lab, tech, and patient related. She is absolutely an asset to this team. I feel that [she] has the understanding, strong background, and motivation to move up fast in this field. I would highly recommend her for hire at any laboratory. I would recommend any student for hire from WCA Hospital. I feel that she came beyond prepared for a first year tech!" "If all of your students have half of the background as [this graduate], I would fill my lab with them."
Laboratory supervisor, community hospital in central NY, 5/2013

“[Your graduate] has done very well as an entry level tech in our organization.  She was trained quickly and makes very few errors.  My supervisors were surprised at times with the information she was able to recall during her training period.  We’re very happy with her and wish we could find more like her!”  
Ed Tirakis MHSA, MT(ASCP), Laboratory Manager, Wooster Community Hospital, OH, 6/2012

“[Your graduate] is, quite simply put, one of the best technologists that I have ever worked with.  Her schooling more than adequately prepared her for work in the field.  She excelled at every aspect of her position in her time here.  Although she recently left our employ to pursue other opportunities, she remains one of the most dedicated, hard-working and amazing people that I have had the privilege to know.”  
Robert Collins, Lab Manager, Cayuga Medical Center, NY, 6/2012

“She’s a wonderful employee even though she’s only been here about 6 months.”  “Thank you for doing such a great job with her; we’d like to have a few more just like her!”  
Supervisor, Children’s Hospital, PA, 6/2012

“[Your graduate] is a wonderful Tech.  She needed very little training except on instruments that se was unfamiliar with.  She is the second person that we have hired from your program, and both are excellent Techs.  You continue to train superb Techs.”  
Supervisor, community hospital, NY, 4/2011

“[Your graduate] was hired approximately 8-9 months ago when she completed her student internship.  We cannot be happier with our decision to hire her.  She is an excellent employee.”  “We found [your graduate] to be everything we hoped she would be when we hired her.  If anything, she has exceeded my expectations.”  “For a new employee, her work is of particularly good quality.  It is very rare that a corrected report has needed to be issued.  This is unusual for new employees but speaks to the attention she gives to the job at hand.”  “Thanks for your efforts in training her to be the person she is today.”  
Laboratory Manager, large hospital, OH, 3/2010

The Faculty

The WCA Hospital Medical Laboratory Science Program boasts two full-time faculty, the Program Director and Clinical Coordinator.  It is the job of these individuals to make sure the program provides the best quality education WCA Hospital has to offer.  Pathologists and department managers also act as primary faculty, bringing years of experience and vast knowledge into lectures and one-on-one clinical training.  Additional instructors in the lecture and bench instruction of the program are Medical Technologists and Medical Technicians who bring with them a wide base of experiential knowledge along with a desire to share their knowledge and love of laboratory science.

One-on-One Bench Instruction

WCA HospitalThe clinical rotation allows a student to learn and practice their skills alongside and under the careful supervision of a professional Medical Technologist.  The student works one-on-one with a technologist, performing laboratory tests on actual clinical samples and, under direct supervision, reporting those results for use by clinicians.  This direct sharing of time in teaching and observing provides a highly successful learning environment.

The Student Laboratory

A large student laboratory, located within the main laboratory, is utilized by the students during the didactic phase of the program prior to entering the clinical rotation.  Students are taught laboratory skills utilizing real patient specimens in a controlled environment in which results are not reported but used for learning.  Many procedures are performed manually in order to understand the principle and procedure of each assay, and to cement the theory of disease and the diagnostic process.  Each student is assigned a work area and sufficient drawer and cabinet space to store their laboratory supplies and assigned equipment.

The Laboratory Classroom

A laboratory classroom is also present in the laboratory proper.  This room is used as the primary classroom and for group demonstrations and study conferences.  The room is equipped with the usual instructional equipment: black board, white board, bulletin boards, digital projector, slide projector, and overhead projector.  The classroom is also outfitted with computer terminals for use by students for research and study.

The Library

WCA HospitalThe laboratory library is comprised of current reference texts, publications, periodicals, and audiovisual programs covering a vast array of technical aspects of medical laboratory science as well as management and education. The materials have been acquired with an effort to maintain the viability of the information available for students and technologists alike.

In addition, the hospital maintains a Health Science Library providing inter-library loan privileges and research assistance to hospital staff and students.

Computer Services

Computer and internet services are available to students for research and study purposes. Computer programs that provide supplemental educational resources are also available.

The Clinical Laboratory

WCA HospitalThe clinical laboratory of the WCA Hospital is located on the third floor of the Center for Imaging and Medical Arts and is attached to the main hospital facility by enclosed walkways.  The laboratory encompasses approximately 12,000 square feet of space and follows an open lab concept providing an environment in which the laboratory personnel easily interact.  A vast array of state-of-the-art instrumentation, interfaced with the laboratory information system, depicts the latest in modern technology.

The laboratory includes the main office, phlebotomy/specimen processing station, clinical chemistry, immunochemistry (serology), hematology/coagulation, immunohematology (blood bank) and microbiology, and specialty areas including cytology, histology, pathology and the Medical Laboratory Science Program.

Under the direction of the Vice President Administration, Laboratory Services Director and Pathologists, the laboratory employs technical, clerical and administrative personnel.  The personnel staff three work shifts (7-3, 3-11 and 11-7) and many join in the lecture and on-bench training of the students.

The WCA Hospital Laboratory performs over 1.5 million tests per year, allowing students a wide range of experience in normal and abnormal clinical testing and analysis of results.  The open-lab environment permits unique patient samples and results to be seen and experienced by all students in a timely manner, no matter which area of the laboratory the student is currently studying.  The department of Pathology, also housed within the laboratory, provides additional experiential support in the clinical picture of disease.

The Institution

WCA Hospital is a voluntary, private nonprofit hospital founded in 1885.  It is the regional medical center serving a population of more then 140,000 people in Southwestern New York and portions of Northwestern Pennsylvania.  WCA has over 310 beds with services for medical, surgical, pediatric, maternity, emergency, neurological, and orthopedic patients.  There also exists specialty areas for trauma care, intensive and coronary care, palliative care, renal dialysis, endoscopy, respiratory care, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, psychiatric care, cancer treatment, medical rehabilitation, sports medicine, wellness programs, occupational and physical therapy.

The Community

The City of Jamestown (population approximately 35,000) is geo-graphically located in Western New York State in the southern part of Chautauqua County approximately 90 miles south of Buffalo, New York and approximately 45 miles north-east of Erie, Pennsylvania.

The area proudly boasts of beautiful countryside and landscapes and is known as an all-seasonal resort area offering a variety of year round activities at nearby ski resorts, state parks and lakes.

A well known, turn of the century cultural development, the Chautauqua Institution, is located on the shore of nearby Chautauqua Lake offering educational, cultural and entertainment opportunities to both area residents and vacationers.
Post secondary and graduate work can be pursued within commuting distance at nearby colleges and universities.

Unique for its size, Jamestown offers many of the advantages of larger cities while maintaining the charm of a small community.

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