You Now Have a New Choice in Open MRI

The new WCA Hospital Open Bore MRI is designed to accommodate all size patients and eliminates anxiety and claustrophobia.  For many exams, the patient’s feet go in first and the patient’s head remains outside of the system.  This has never been possible before in Open MRI.  But more important, the new Open Bore MRI is three times more powerful, giving physicians the most confident diagnosis. 

Advantages of Open Bore MRI:

WCA Hospital offers this “additional” MRI scanner on Mondays to care for a wider range of patients.

The next time you need an MRI exam, choose WCA MRI (716) 664-8MRI.

Getting to the MRI Center
The MRI Center is located at the Center For Imaging & Medical Arts at WCA building (directly behind WCA Hospital).

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Center For Imaging & Medical Arts at WCA
207 Foote Avenue, P.O. Box 840
Jamestown, NY  14702-0840
(directly behind WCA Hospital, use YELLOW parking lot)
(716) 664-8MRI

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