Patient Services


  • Your doctor and a dietitian will select the best diet for your physical condition. The staff will assist with daily menu selection, meal service, and feeding if necessary.

  • Quality, nutritious meals are served to you at your bedside at WCA or in the dining rooms at Jones Memorial Health Center (JMHC).

  • Visitors must check with the nurse before bringing you food.


A Patient Representative is available to help patients and families with any questions, concerns or problems, including a Health Care Proxy and Advanced Directives. NOTE: Advanced Directives are verbal or written instructions which express your wishes for future medical care in the event you are unable to communicate at that time. The Patient Representative can be contacted by calling 664-8271. After hours, you may contact the Administrative Nurse at 487-0141.

We encourage you to voice your concerns, opinions or suggestions, so we may continually improve our services.


Social Work staff is available to help you and your family members arrange for home health care, rehabilitation services, nursing home facilities, or other community services which you may need and for which you are eligible.

Social Workers may be contacted by calling 664-8287 or you may ask a staff member to make the contact for you.

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