Registration Services

Admissions (664-8218):

Patients are admitted to a hospital unit from the Emergency Department or directly from a physician's office. Patient or family members will be asked to provide admission information.

Preregistration (664-8440):

Preregistration is available for all scheduled tests and procedures. A Registrar will call you at home or you may call Preregistration to make your appointment or ask questions. You may receive instructions in the mail regarding your test or procedure. At the time of your appointment, you will be instructed where to report for registration.

Registration (664-8141):

For all unscheduled tests and procedures (labs, EKG, etc.) you must report to the Registration desk before you go for the test or procedure.

Preadmission Testing Center (664-8399):

If your procedure requires an interview with a nurse, anesthesiologist, and/or routine tests, your appointment will be scheduled two to fourteen days before your procedure. Report to the Preregistration Desk on Level I in the WCA Outpatient area at your scheduled time and you will be directed to the Preadmission Center. Please bring your physician's order, prescription, referral forms, insurance forms, insurance card, completed personal medication card and any papers you may have received for your appointment. If you cannot keep your Preadmission appointment, call your physician to reschedule.


WCA Admissions Office is on Level I behind the Outpatient Registration Desk.

WCA Hospital - Outpatient Registration and Preregistration are on Level I next to the Emergency Department.

Jones Memorial Health Center - Registration can be reached through the Outpatient Entrance by using the Baker Street entrance and parking lot.

All Health Centers - Registration is on site.

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