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the Health Care Initiatives of WCA Hospital

Messina Scholarship
Cristie Herbst (right), Chair of WCA Foundation Board of Directors, and Phil Messina (right), husband of the late Mary Lou Messina, present Krista Petry, RN (center) with the 2013 Mary Lou Messina Nursing Scholarship.

The WCA Foundation began its first operations in 1982 with assets of $180,278.43. Diligent fiscal restraint in management of our community’s gifts has seen their growth to over $13.3 million in restricted and unrestricted funds, while more than $8 million in grants have been given to the Hospital and Starflight in just the last 15 years. Today, the WCA Foundation also serves its donors with the ability to make gifts that will have immediate benefit to WCA Hospital for current needs. The Foundation’s $1 million support of the new Emergency Department was just the beginning of grants of this magnitude to support WCA Hospital’s health care initiatives.

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It is the vision of the Board of Directors to meet the changing needs of WCA Hospital with even larger grants and greater flexibility. It is the earnings from unrestricted funds which have enabled the majority of the Foundation’s support of the Hospital over its 30-year history. The WCA Foundation is making a concerted effort to increase its unrestricted assets thereby positioning itself to become an even greater financial supporter of the Hospital – in perpetuity.

How can I give a donation or start a fund?

Donating to WCA Foundation is easy. Write your check to WCA Foundation Inc. and mail it to WCA Foundation, P.O. Box 840; Jamestown, New York 14702-0840. When donating to the Foundation, be sure to indicate the purpose of your gift.

Is the donation in honor or memory of someone? If so, send the name and appropriate contact information. A letter will be sent to them about your generous thoughtfulness. The gift amount will only appear on the acknowledgement letter sent to you. You also have the opportunity to direct the use of your donation.

Do you wish to make it an endowed gift or do you wish to have it used for immediate needs? If you want a general grant to be made from it, an unrestricted gift would be your choice. Or do you want to enhance the Foundation’s grant making ability through a specific fund or in a specific area of need within WCA Hospital? Let the Foundation staff know what you are thinking or contact our Executive Director, Brigetta Overcash, 716-664-8600, for help in making the choice that is right for you.

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Creating a Fund

Individuals or groups who wish to start a special fund may do so with the assistance of Executive Director Brigetta Overcash, 716-664-8600, or Development Director, Megan D”Angelo, 716-664-8423. They will guide you in choosing the kind of fund that will fulfill your philanthropic desires. Funds at WCA Foundation may be initiated with a smaller contribution, but must reach $5,000 before they have granting capacity.

Once the fund reaches $5,000, it will produce grants for the purpose the donor has chosen. The purpose of funds can be changed at any time with the mutual consent of the donor and the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Foundation’s administration of all funds complies with all regulations set forth by the New York Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act. As a tax-exempt organization, donations to WCA Foundation Inc. are tax-deductible according the laws of New York State.

What kind of fund is most helpful?

Unrestricted gifts enable the Board of Directors of WCA Foundation tremendous flexibility to meet the most pressing needs of WCA Hospital, whether through grants from unrestricted endowed funds or pass-through funds. That said, all funds - specific in use or for general purposes – are helpful to WCA Foundation in fulfilling its mission: to support the health care initiatives of the Southern Tier’s most outstanding regional health care facility, WCA Hospital.

What else can I do to support my local Hospital?

Support of WCA Hospital can annually take place through donations of time and resources. To assure the long-term wellness of our premiere regional facility, our development staff encourages donors who are able to join the WCA 1885 Society. In doing so, individuals support WCA Hospital while committing to leaving financial gifts to in their wills, by the deeding of property or the initiation of insurance policies to WCA Foundation. The WCA Foundation’s staff can be of assistance with this process which will help assure having a regional hospital forever.

Feel free to contact WCA Foundation’s Executive Director Brigetta Overcash at 716-664-8600, or Brigetta.Overcash@wcahospital.org, or Development Director Megan D’Angelo at 716-664-8423 or Megan.D’Angelo@wcahospital.org.

What funds do you have?

There are basically two kinds of funds held at WCA Foundation - endowed funds and non-endowed or pass-through fundsEndowed funds are held in perpetuity – forever.   The original gifts are prudently invested and 5.25% of the trailing twenty quarter average market value of each Long-Term Fund’s portfolio at year end  is used for grants to WCA Hospital and operations of the WCA Foundation annually.  Non-Endowed or Pass-Through funds are given by donors to be used for more immediate needs - either general or specific - of WCA Hospital.  They are fully expended for the use designated and not held for generational growth.

Endowed funds are further divided in purpose by their donors.   They can be Restricted or Unrestricted – Undesignated – endowment funds as prescribed by the donor’s directions. 

Individuals or families who want to create a fund for a very specific type of service delivery of the Hospital, such as pediatrics or cancer treatment, often choose what are called Restricted funds.  Grants from these funds enhance the operations in these specific target areas.

Endowment Funds

Unrestricted in purpose

  • Dennis P. Bush Memorial Fund:  Undesignated – grants for general needs of the Hospital are given with the advice of the Bush family
  • Verland & Doris Danielson Fund: Undesignated
  • Clifford S. Davis Fund: Undesignated – grants for general needs of the Hospital
  • Hoag Family Fund:  Undesignated
  • Starr Fund:  Undesignated
  • Elizabeth Garratt Taylor Fund:  Undesignated
  • Undesignated Endowment Fund – grants given for major general needs of WCA Hospital such as the building of a new Emergency Room or purchase of Robotic surgical equipment

Restricted in purpose

  • Allen J. and Barbara B. Yahn Family Fund:  Pediatrics
  • Betty Sheldon Starflight Fund:  Supports equipment needs of Starflight
  • C. Donald and Marilyn L. Haglund and Family Fund:  Dialysis
  • Carol B. Bogdan Memorial Cancer Treatment Fund 
  • Carol D. Evans Memorial Fund:  Palliative Patient Care
  • Dr. Harold M. and Joyce S. Childress Fund: Scholarships, Cancer Treatment and WCA Hospital’s Medical Library
  • Dale C. and Rebecca I. Robbins Fund:  Supports Obstetrics and Maternity departments
  • Dr. Glen M. Ebersole Memorial Fund: General Medicine
  • Eaglesome Family Fund:  Autoimmune Diseases
  • Elizabeth Warner Marvin Trust:  Capital needs
  • Florence G. Cass Fund:  WCA Foundation Operations
  • Judy Pollino Memorial Fund:  Ovarian Cancer
  • Karen Ross Crossley Memorial Scholarship Fund:  Nursing Scholarship for WCA Employees
  • Kellie Anne Murphy Memorial Fund:  Adult Inpatient Mental Health
  • LaVerne M. Meyers Memorial Fund:  Emergency Department
  • LINKS Charity Cancer Care Fund
  • Margaret Hitchcock Trust:  Speech & Hearing
  • Marie Barone Memorial Fund:  Women’s Cancer Care
  • Mary Lou Messina Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Murray S. Marsh Scholarship Fund:  WCA Schools of Radiology and Medical Technology Outstanding Student Awards
  • Robert G. Gingell, M.D., Memorial Fund:  Pediatric Cardiology Patient Care
  • Vincent A. Messina Memorial Scholarship Fund:  WCA School of Radiology
  • Vivian Wettingfield Nursing Education Fund:  Scholarship for WCA Hospital employee
  • WCA Cancer Treatment Center Patient Assistance Fund

Non-Endowed Funds

  • Undesignated General Grant Fund
  • Cancer Treatment Fund
  • Surgery Fund
  • Emergency Department Fund

Non-Endowment Funds pass your gift through the Foundation to WCA Hospital for immediate use, as needed.

Foundation Assets

The WCA Foundation gave WCA Hospital gave $429,965 in grants in 2014 and recorded $13,552,109 in assets at year-end. While the Foundation holds 25 Restricted Funds and only five Unrestricted Funds, the majority of the Foundation’s assets are unrestricted in grant giving capacity to WCA Hospital.

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Samuelson Artwork
Jim Smith (left), Secretary of the WCA Foundation Board of Directors, and Robert Daniels, M.D., OB/GYN (right), join local artist Wendy Samuelson as she displays her original paintings which now grace the halls of Labor and Delivery at WCA Hospital. The paintings were funded by the Dale and Rebecca Robbins Fund.

The WCA Foundation has been an outstanding partner of WCA Hospital for more than 30 years. With the generous contributions and legacy gifts of people like you, the Foundation has grown, been a good steward of those gifts and been able to support the health care initiatives of the Hospital.

Together we can do even more. Remember the WCA Foundation when you want to honor or remember a loved one, friend or health care provider. Think of us when you want to help assure the future of the finest hospital in the Chautauqua Region. With your contributions to our Undesignated Fund, or by creating and naming your own Endowment Fund, we can fulfill the capital needs of WCA Hospital — together.

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Thank you for your support of WCA Foundation’s glorious past . . . and welcome aboard to our future!

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Presenting the WCA Foundation Board of Directors

Cristie L. Herbst

Peter Stark
First Vice Chair

Brian D. Meagher, M.D.
Second Vice Chair

James M. Smith

Lyman Buck

Melanie Gritters
Wendy Kane
Laura Otander
Patricia Phillips

Jonathan P. Scalise
Betsy T. Wright
Melissa Uber
Robert Ungerer, M.D.


WCA Foundation Staff

Brigetta E. Overcash is the Executive Director of the WCA Foundation.  She can be reached at the Foundation’s office phone, 716.664.8600.  Brigetta can answer any questions you have about the Foundation as well as assist you with making your unique contribution to the Foundation in support of WCA Hospital. Brigetta.Overcash@wcahospital.org  716-664-8600.

Megan D’Angelo is the Development Director of what we insiders call the “WCA Family.”  Megan works tirelessly for both the WCA Hospital and WCA Foundation.  In addition to corporate development for the Hospital, Megan oversees many fund-raising projects which benefit both organizations – each in their specialized way.  Of course the helping hands of our many volunteers make these events possible.  Megan.D’Angelo@wcahospital.org  716-664-8423.

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