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105 Employees Honored For Years of Service


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Several of the hospital honorees gather in celebration of the upcoming 58th Annual Employee Recognition Dinner held on Monday, June 5, at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club. One hundred and five employees celebrated 1,785 years of combined service.

JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK (Monday, June 5, 2017)—One hundred and five employees were honored for milestone years of service at the 58th UPMC Chautauqua WCA Annual Employee Recognition Dinner to be held on Monday, June 5 at 5:45 p.m. at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club, Lakewood.  Top honoree, Deborah Castiglione, supervising physical therapist, will be recognized for 45 years of devoted service.

Recognized for 40 years of service and care include, Dawn M. Calimeri, radiologic technologist; Cynthia M. Cottone, social worker, case management; Elaine C. Hoglin, RN, certified enterostomal therapist; Lorraine Miley, medical laboratory technician; and Chris T. Nelson, warehouse clerk.

The UPMC Chautauqua WCA board of directors will honor the 105 employees at the ceremonial dinner held each year to distinguish staff who have achieved noteworthy length of service marks.  One hundred and five employees who reached 5, 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, and 45-year anniversaries were recognized for 1,785 years of combined service.  In addition to being recognized at the dinner, the honorees receive commemorative gifts to signify their achievement.

“Our honorees are an inspiration to others and truly exemplify our mission,” said Betsy T. Wright, president, UPMC Chautauqua WCA.  “For more than 132 years, our employees have been giving their time, talents, and resources to the causes that matter most to us—our patients.  On this special occasion, we want to celebrate our employees’ passion and dedication to making a difference in the health of our community.  The patients and families we serve can take comfort in knowing that our health care team is backed by years of dedicated and unwavering service to others.  This annual commemorative celebration serves as a reminder that hospitals are the foundations of communities and serve people in every community, from all walks of life.”

Jana Anderson-O’Camb, senior director, Human Resources at the hospital noted, “We are very proud of what our honorees have accomplished and inspired to have such highly-skilled, compassionate individuals caring for our patients.  This honorary banquet is our way of saying ‘thank you’.”

Other honorees are, 40 Years: Dawn M. Calimeri, Cynthia M. Cottone, Elaine C. Hoglin, Lorraine Miley, Chris T. Nelson.  35 Years: Laurie K. White Bedient, Linda G. Calabrese, Laurie A. Logan, Ronald L. Privitera, Jerri Youngberg.  30 Years: Lori Crosby, Julie M. Davidson, Lori A. Dziduch, Lisa M. Heath, Kelly A. Kroon, Thomas A. Lang, Patricia L. Manchester, Doris J. Ramirez, Janice E. Swanson, Laura M. Vincent.

25 Years: Michele L. Calkins, Mary L. Caswell, Lisa K. Davis, Deborah L. Doty, Barry L. Larsen, Scott R. Lemk, Fred K. McNiff, Jennifer L. Pagett, Diane M. Snow, Dr. Frederick W. Verdonik, Richard A. Zembardo. 20 Years: Tammy M. Balon, Dr. Jonathan P. Blasius, Steven B. Davis, Brenda C. Everett, Jodelle A. Labardo, Lynne M. Nickerson, Cathy M. Proudman, Kelly T. Whitman, Thomas R. Wigren. 15 Years: Amanda M. Bender, Yvonne M. Caldwell, Patricia D. Denzel, Mary M. Dudick, Rebecca J. Greenfield, Mary-Teresa Heffern, Lisa M. Johnson, Sandra L. Johnson, Michelle L. Marsh, Betty L. Morrison, Stephen C. Neel, Carol A. Pence, Sheila J. Smith, Penelope A. Stevens, Susan M. Talasky, Camisha C. Wilson. 

10 Years: Mandy L. Conti, Tammy Eggleston, Amanda J. Hagg, Scott E. Harrington, Ann M. Hill, Connie J. Moore, Linda A. Nelson, Jennifer L. O’Neil, Brian P. Pumford, Christina M. Rams, Laurie A. Smith, Kymberly J. West. 5 Years: Carrie R. Bowersox, Jane A. Campbell, Ryanne C. Cessna, Vanessa L. Darr, Jocelyn L. Davis, Wendy J. Deford, Jennifer L. Eshelman, Brenda L. Fischer, Timothy C. Georgic, Kathleen D. Glotz, David J. Graham, Jessica L. Green, Alexandra S. Hall, Michelle L. Hines, Janice B. Hinterberger, Maureen L. Kohl, Stephen D. Lahnen II, Brigetta E. Overcash, Dr. Theresa Pagliuca, Judy C. Pantall, Gregg P. Seager, Brenda S. Seastedt, Virginia R. Shafer, Kimberly A. Simons, Kyle P. Sipple, Brian D. Stump, Kelly A. Swanson, Christine E. Wagner, Chris J. Walz, Rhonda R. Yachette, and Erika R. Zielinski.

The highlight of the evening’s celebration was a video tribute to top honorees.

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