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2016 was an historic year for our hospital and health care across this region. On December 1, 2016, WCA Hospital and UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) were pleased to announce WCA’s integration into the UPMC system, becoming UPMC Chautauqua WCA. This important decision to integrate into UPMC was a remarkable five-year journey, designed to assure residents that health care continues to be strong in this region and to serve our communities well over the long term to provide access into a world-class academic medical center.

With UPMC, we have a partner that will invest $90 million dollars which will lead to a long-term sustainability plan as well as capital investment for this hospital. Additionally, we have a partner that will enhance access and convenience to local health care and expand accessibility of top-rated, specialty services for our patients.

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Recent News

July 12, 2017
Jamestown Jammers Deliver Mascot Onesies To Newborns at UPMC Chautauqua WCA
The Jamestown Jammers have major cause for celebration after a record-winning start to its season so they made sure to stop...

July 11, 2017
Premed Students Gain Valuable Insight into Physician and Hospital Role
Eight premed students recently began an eight-week summer Chautauqua Works Workforce Development Board’s Healthcare Career Advantage Talent Pipeline Development Program...

July 11, 2017
JHS Battle of the Classes donates $12,517 to A Fresh Start Fund at WCA Foundation
Jamestown High School (JHS)students battled to raise $12,517 to A Fresh Start Fund at WCA Foundation. The fund, was started...

July 11, 2017
LINKS Charity Celebrating 25 Years and 1.4 Million Dollars
LINKS Charity has raised a total of 1.4 million dollars in the local fight against breast cancer over the past 25 years....

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