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WCA Honors 103 Volunteers For Devoted Hours Of Service
Patricia Urso Named Volunteer of the Year

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WCA Hospital honored volunteers gather for a picture during the 2016 WCA Hospital Volunteer Recognition and Awards Luncheon, held on Thursday, June 30 in the hospital auditorium.

Patricia Urso
Patricia Urso is named 5-Star Volunteer of the Year.

Jamestown, New York (Thursday, June 30, 2016)—Newly named 5-Star Volunteer of the Year, Patricia (Pat) Urso, and one hundred and three hospital volunteers were honored for their years of service at the WCA Hospital Volunteer Recognition and Awards Luncheon held on Thursday, June 30, in the WCA Hospital Auditorium. Long-time scheduling volunteer, Pat Urso, received top honor during the ceremony for her dedicated volunteer service. Other top honors for hours of service in 2015 included, Robert Gray, 870 hours; Robert Scott, 840 hours; and Flip Yates, 671 hours of service.

“This is a special day because we get to honor you and the commitment you’ve made to our hospital,” said Elizabeth DeRosa, WCA Hospital Volunteer Coordinator. “You have committed to giving your precious, personal time and energy in the service of others. Whether it is making sandwiches, filing records, scheduling volunteers, transporting patients by wheelchair or by stretcher, answering telephones, lending a hand, selling gifts, or stuffing envelopes, your good deeds have an enormous impact on the care and service of our patients. You only know one way of giving—with both hands, with all of your heart, and without a second thought. WCA is in good hands because of you and today, we get to recognize you and say thank you!”

The invocation was given by retired hospital Pastor, Don Ray. Hospital board member, Mrs. Judith Burgett; auxiliary treasurer member, Mrs. Mary Phaneuf; and Megan Barone, WCA Director of Development, introduced the distinguished honorees. Wolf-Dieter Krahn, MD, m edical director at WCA Hospital, delivered the program remarks that highlighted the activities and achievements at WCA Hospital over the past year.

Mrs. DeRosa remarked that Pat, Volunteer of the Year, was recognized by the numerous hospital staff and volunteers for her extraordinary service and dedication that exemplifies the qualities reflected in the mission of WCA. “Patricia consistently has shown exemplary dedication,” Liz said. “She works behind the scenes to schedule the volunteers and most times, doesn’t receive the recognition she so richly deserves. She is always kind, pleasant and thankful to the volunteers. She spends endless hours on the telephone making certain that all areas of the hospital are staffed. We are so glad that she volunteers at WCA. She is a wonderful person and we love, love, love her!”

“I am going to keep doing what I do as long as I can,” said Pat Urso who teared-up after being named Volunteer of the Year. “Volunteering gives me a reason to keep on going and I would not give it up. Not for anything!”

Other volunteers honored during the luncheon for receiving hour guard milestones include: Janet Anderson, 17,500 hours; Robert Gray, 10,500 hours; Robert Scott, 9,500; Sonya Burkett, 4,500; Ann Legters, 4,000; Kenneth Kilburn, 3,000; Robert herring, 3,500; Diane Adams, Tony Conti, James Till Sherwood VanDeward, 2,000; Pat Berg, John (Jack) Crate, 1,500; Bonnie Anderson, Thelma Ecklund, Nancy Huckabone, Karen Johnson, 1,000; Neil Anderson, Dianne Bryan, Cheri Foti, 900; Dianne Brown, Diana Gronquist, 800; Bonnie Magers, Grace Somers, 700; Jamie Hewson-Ribbing, Angie Johnson, Rodney Sager, 600; Jessica Mancari, Jeanette More; Ruby Burns, rose Cresanti, Gertrude Melice, Barbara Spetz, 400; Sandra Johnson, Patrick Kelley, 300; Jeanne Anderson, Tina Brown, Maggie Irwin, Sharon Keith, 200; Katie Barreto, Madeline Ciancio, Bonnie DeRosa, Kelly Fleming, Lori Freeman, Grace Gisslin, Kathy Moore, June Piede, Bronson Rassmassen, 100 hours. Volunteers who have served in 2015, but have not reached their next hour-guard level were: Diane Adams, Larry Adams, Cynthia Baker, Zachary Barnes, Jan Barrelle, Sonya Bechard, Janet Beckman, Carlie Bernhardt, Brianna Bloom, Larry Bourne, June Brown, Jane Campbell, J. Chris Carlson, Devin Chimera, Mark Collins, Sally Corkery, Molly Drake, Joan Erickson, Donnie Flowers, Cheyanne France, Santana France, Margaret Fuchs, Bruce Gillen, Derek Hosier, Maria Jacobson, Kenneth Kilburn, Patricia Kinney Betty Kohlbacher, Elba Lawson, Katie Lawson, Glenda Lyon, Kirsten Magnuson, Brad McClennan, Lois McCreary, Jean Moran, Benjamin Pitts, Taylor Purdy, Hanny Qadri, Gloria Raymond, Bill Rollinger, Sam Sabino, Tony Sealy Kathleen Stuart, Paula Surette, Robert Terreberry, Benjamin Tillotson, Ryleight Trask, Pat Urso, Gayle Vossler, John Walton, Casey Wright, and Flip Yates.

If you would like to give your time, talents, and energies to serving the patients of WCA Hospital, complete an application to become a volunteer by visiting or contact Elizabeth DeRosa at (716) 664-8224.

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